Wayne Scarpaci

Wayne Scarpaci was born in 1950. At five years old he began to draw and paint trains. His father was a lifelong model railroader and thus he grew up reading Trains and Model Railroader. And he was lucky enough to see the last of steam on American railroads. In his art he strives to not only capture the image of the trains but their very spirits as well. Wayne has also written and illustrated a book on the The Motive Power and Equipment San Diego and Arizona Eastern Railway.

Contact Information:

Phone: 775/220-5976
Email: sdae102@artbywayne.net
Website: www.artbywayne.net

Early Snow: SPS 910 Spokane Portland & Seattle 4-6-6-4 Challenger/
Acrylics on Canvas,
24″ X 36″
Water Stop at Helper Utah: D&RGW 3704 Denver and Rio Grande Western 4-6-6-4 Challenger/
Acrylics on Canvas,
24″ X 36″


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