Roger Watt

Roger Watt finds the physical process of putting marks on paper with graphite to be distinctly personal as it is a link to his father who first instilled in him the pure joy of drawing and a love of steam locomotives. Now living in Vancouver, he has drawn for as long as he can remember and, after leaving art school, found drawing a therapeutic retreat during his career as an art director in international publishing. He has long had a fascination for the effects of light on industrial metal (primarily railway related… indeed, his drawing of a steam locomotive was selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2003) and, working very much “in the now”, his drawings increasingly explore its atmospheric properties. Having had solo shows with the O K Harris and George Billis galleries in New York, Roger is now represented by Anthony Brunelli Fine Arts in that city, the Plus One Gallery in London and, for illustration, by Folio Illustration Agency, also of London.

Contact Information:

Instagram: roger_watt


Old #47/
Graphite on Bristol Board,
Sold through the O K Harris Gallery, New York 10.25″ X 16″
Graphite on Bristol Board,
Anthony Brunelli Fine Arts, New York 9 ” X 17″

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