Jim Rhodes

Jim Rhodes was born in 1965 in Knightsville, Indiana, where he spent his early childhood watching trains just yards from his home along the Pennsylvania Railroad’s busy St. Louis line. Add the stories of his grandfather, who worked 33 years for the Pennsy, and he was soon inspired to create drawings of trains. Jim’s only training was through the teaching and inspiration of his high school art and drafting teachers. Since college, he has worked in drafting and tool and die design. He uses drafting tools along with the art skills of color, shading and composition to create his pictures, which he considers more technical illustration than art. His works are primarily done in pencil or acrylic. Although Jim admires the work of many railroad artists, Howard Fogg is his all time favorite.

Contact Information:

Email: jimr@umdi-usa.com
Address: PO Box 86
Knightsville, IN 47857


Ozark Mountain/
Acrylic on Canvas, 16″ X 20″
War on the Home Front/
Pencil, 9.25″ X 12.25″

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