ASRA Membership

Membership in the American Society of Railway Artists is open to all who create and appreciate art that depicts railroading in all of its forms. At this time there are two categories of membership:
• Basic, which is made up of working artists, and 
• Friends, which consists of those who have an interest in or support railway art, and those who serve artists as suppliers, gallery owners, other exhibitors, and the like. 

There is another group called the Legacy group that lists our friends and members who have passed on.

The decision to open Basic membership to all artists is based on the Society’s desire to welcome and encourage young people, students, and others who are just beginning to hone their skills. In the future, the membership of the organization will determine criteria by which artist-members can achieve elevated levels of recognition. 

Of special note are those individuals who accepted the challenges faced in creating and launching the Society in the first place. Those who joined the Society during its three-month start-up period are recognized with the initials FM – for Founding Member – that follow their membership number. In all, this included 57 individuals.

Benefits of Membership

The Society publishes a quarterly newsletter through which members are informed of exhibits, educational forums, teaching opportunities, and other news that may be of interest. The newsletter is supplemented by occasional emails that alert members to timely situations – a Call for Works, for example – that may provide them with an outlet for their art.

The Society manages this website to promote railway art and call attention to the work of its members. It also provides the opportunity to link to individual member web sites if one exists. Each member will have a page within this site, if so desired, that will include an example of work done, contact information, and a link to the individual’s website. 

A members-only on-line forum is planned that will provide the opportunity to discuss topics, express opinions, explore techniques and share or learn of helpful information. 

Members will be entitled to submit works for evaluation by their peers, including for advanced levels of recognition of achievement, or to be considered for inclusion in exhibits and other projects, and to share with other artists. 

Finally, members will guide and direct the work of the Society by voting on matters that come before it or that affect them individually. Members may also run for and hold office within the Society to further influence its work. 

To Join

Simply download, print and complete the accompanying Membership Form and send it with payment to the address shown on the form. (You must download the file to your computer before filling it out, as some browsers will not display the form properly.)

ASRA Membership Form

(The membership form is in Portable Document Format – or PDF.)

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