Mark Karvon

Mark Karvon has always been fascinated with the purpose of design and the forms of machines. He finds the stories of the incredible experiences of the men who operated those machines are the stuff of legends and sometimes nightmares. In addition to a formal education in mechanical drafting, architectural drawing and Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering, it was a chance meeting with notorious marine artist Charles Vickery that led to a mentorship that taught Mark about oil painting. In 2006 Karvon switched to the digital medium. Today he strives to blur the line between digital and traditional media. He wants his paintings to speak to the viewer of the feeling he gets from these subjects, and hopes that some of that comes through. Mark’s works are collected and have been endorsed by veterans from World War II to the present day. He produces many pieces for commercial clients, and his work hangs in museums, on military bases, at The Pentagon, and in schools, memorials and private collections worldwide.

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The Big Show/
Digital, 20″ X 30″
Chicago & Northwestern Class E-4/
Digital, 22″ X 30″


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