Tracy Foutz-Hunt

Tracy Foutz-Hunt grew up in Roanoke, Virginia in the heart of the Blue Ridge mountains. She has been interested in drawing and painting since childhood. She paints in a realistic style, always striving to accomplish what great artists have accomplished in the past — making every day object and experiences look unusual. She’s always looking for the odd, interesting angle, landscape, or even just part of an object for a subject for her paintings. Tracy is a signature member of the Georgia Watercolor Society, has paintings in private collections across the country, and has had the honor of exhibiting in the Georgia Governor’s Office at the Capitol in Atlanta. Tracy currently lives in Cairo, Georgia.

Contact Information:

Phone: 229/216-0785

J Class at Roanoke/
22″ X 30″
South Yard at Roanoke, 1953/
16″ X 20″


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