Dennis Johnson

Dennis Johnson’s work extends naturally from the roads he travels, exploring landscapes both rural and urban.  Focusing on the American Iconic, he depicts abandoned structures, forgotten signs, and distant memories with a contemporary approach toward color, composition, and abstraction.  Dennis isolates the subject matter, presenting the familiar in ways that encourage a second glance from a new perspective.  In his work, he strives to merge historical and emotional context with current reality, using acrylic, printmaking, and digital techniques, to blend the past, present, and imagined.  His work focuses on places lost to time. These places, he says, “remind us of our history, often overlooked, but still visible if you step outside the ceaseless stream of progress.”

Contact Information:

Phone: 510-847-1042

Acrylic on Canvas,
36″ X 48″
Acrylic on Canvas,
36″ X 48″

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