Nadine Charlsen

Nadine Charlsen, asked to describe herself, replied, “I’m an urban landscape watercolor artist with a flair for trains and industrial sites.  My background as a theatrical lighting designer in New York City for 31 years has allowed me to incorporate light, shadow, scale, colors and textures to culminate in an artistic drama.  My work is inspired by architecture, cityscapes and serene countryside settings captured initially through the lens of my camera.”  She enjoys the challenge capturing steam engines presents because their workings are exposed and have to be portrayed accurately while diesels have less working parts visible.  She has added to her industrial flair painting all things related to the railroad industry.  She has two working studios in Asheville, North Carolina, that straddle the train yards.

Contact Information:

Address: 224 Beverly Rd. Asheville, NC 28805



Gene Autry Engine
30″ X 23″
Red Caboose
23″ X 30″

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