Catherine Gibbs

Catherine Gibbs is an established oil painter.  She is involved in the thriving art scene in Easthampton, Massachusetts, where her studio is located.  Of her work she says, “Through my paintings, I have become attentive to the splendid drama of my everyday world.  I grew up around trains and train yards in Western Massachusetts.  My paintings reflect my emotional response to my surroundings and it’s not surprising that the theme of trains found it’s way into my body of work.  Overall, my train paintings express hope.  There is hope in motion and journeys.”

Catherine paints using traditional oil painting methods. Through the use of bold colors, expressive brush strokes, and the element of light, she seeks to transform what might be considered mundane into the sublime.  Her evocative and vibrant work has been shown extensively in venues in Western Massachusetts, and nationally, including Boston, New York, in the South, and Midwest.  Her train related paintings have been featured in two national railroad magazines and have won several national awards. Along with her painting career, she is a curator, art educator, and graphic arts designer.

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In Flight/
Oil on Canvas,
24″ X 24″
Miles to Go Before I Sleep/
Oil on Canvas,
36″ X 24″

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