C L Smith

C.L. Smith was raised in a railway family with close ties to coal and iron mining. As a result, he is familiar with mainline steam and first generation diesels. He witnessed first-hand America's heavy industries at work. His style of painting incorporates the great industrial illustrators Walter Greene and William H. Foster, and the subtlety of Terence Cuneo. Limited commissions are accepted.
Contact Information:
CL Smith is represented by Brigantine Gallery: Or can be contacted directly:
Phone: 630-663-0399 630/852-2086
Email: info@vickeryart.com clstransart@aol.com
Website: vickeryart.com/associated/smith/assoc-new-smith.html  
Address: 734 Ogden Ave
Downers Grove, IL 60515
  Inbound Zephyr at Highlands
Oil on linen
24" X 36"




  The Horsemen
Oil on linen
12" X 24"