Judith Anderson

Judith Anderson has focused on trains as a subject in her art for the past five years. Artistically, she finds, they offer so much in terms of visual geometry, textures, and colors. Psychologically, they are incredibly powerful, iconic images. More recently, she began a second series inspired by vintage photos of trains. Both are represented here. Additional paintings, as well as her photographs, which celebrate the textures, symbols and graffiti of train surfaces, can be found on her website.
Contact Information:
Phone: 804/363-6479 (cell)
Email: judithandersonart@comcast.net
Website: www.judithandersonart.com
Address: P.O. Box 26088
Richmond, VA 23260
  Trolley Boarding
Oil on Panel
19.5" X 35"




  Big Engine
Oil on Panel
30" X 24"