The American Society of Railway Artists

The American Society of Railway Artists was formed on April 8, 2013, to encourage and facilitate, through art, the depiction of railroading past and present, its impact and practices. During its three-month launch a total of 52 artists and five Friends joined the Society, earning Founding Member status and, in some cases, making an additional donation to support the start-up effort. Members already include some of the North America's most accomplished practitioners. Their clients include railroads large and small, suppliers to the railroad industry, and individuals who commission works of personal significance or who purchase works depicting a favorite location, railroad or activity. Other members are just starting to emerge as noted railroad artists. The subjects of their works range from the launch of steam railroading in 1829 to the Civil War, the "Golden Age" (the 1890s-1920s), the transition era (from steam to diesel motive power), the colorful modern age, even speculations about the railroad industry's future. At its heart, the Society presents an opportunity for those who love art and railroading to come together and share in the creation, distribution and appreciation of works of imagination that capture North America's unique railway heritage in its entirety.

The Society's Goals

The American Society of Railway Artists was formed to:

• Build a network connecting working artists who depict railway subjects regardless of era or type, including the opportunity to meet and become better acquainted

• Seek and produce an organizational identity and a higher standing for its members in the art world and with the general public

• Encourage and facilitate artistic skill, quality and authenticity in railway art through educational programming

• Organize and conduct conferences and workshops that enable artists to advance their skills and business interests

• Arrange exhibits, publish books and articles, and offer programs for the general public, to increase awareness and appreciation of the members' work

• Identify and assist with contacting commercial outlets for railway artwork, including but not limited to puzzle manufacturers, greeting card publishers, book packagers and publishers, games makers, poster printers, and others

• Inform members and friends of items of interest that pertain to railways within the context of portrayng them by the artist

• Assist with research to assure correct details in the portrayal of railway subjects, and to locate needed professional services to advance each member's individual interests

NOTE: The American Society of Railroad Artists has been awarded an Employer Identification Number by the Internal Revenue Service and has filed an application for Articles of Incorporation as a non-profit organization with the West Virginia Secretary of State.